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About the Book

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“No Pills, No Shots” is a parent-child tutorial that is meant to enhance the experience of taking a child in for an eye examination, both for the child and for the parents or guardians. The books are primarily marketed towards eye care professionals, pediatricians, school nurses, and teachers across the nation but can be purchased individually as well.

The book is completely customized to the medical professional or practice that purchases the book. There are four versions with illustrations consisting of both male and female eye doctors as well as both male and female patients. The book comes with the name of the practice and the name of the doctor on the inside cover of the book. The books with male pediatric patients come in a blue cover, whereas the books with female pediatric patients come in a pink cover. The book consists of two separate portions, each of equal importance.

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The pamphlet “No Pills, No Shots…What Should I Expect?” is for the child’s parents or guardians to read. It provides the parents or guardians with a comprehensive understanding of what conditions are screened for in children and why these conditions are important. Included in this section is a list of the most common pediatric eye conditions along with a concise description of each and in some cases, a diagram to assist in the learning process. This section ensures that the parent or guardian bringing the child in for their eye examination feels well prepared while providing them with the knowledge to be able to ask the eye doctor pertinent questions related particularly to their child.

The coloring book for the pediatric patient serves a dual purpose. It is a coloring book which allows the child to interactively color in (or ‘decorate’) photos depicting what will happen when they come in for their eye examination. Simultaneously, each page contains text that takes both the child and the parent step by step (page by page) through the pediatric eye examination process.

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Ideally, the parents or guardians are encouraged to read the book aloud to their child and the child may color before, during, or after the parent has read to them. Regardless of the age and/or cognitive status, the child will see pictures of the process and instruments used prior to going infor their eye exam. This creates a ‘comfort blanket’ for the child and helps minimize the anxiety and bewilderment associated with visiting the eye doctor.

Parents or guardians are encouraged to request a visit summary at the completion of their child’s eye exam. This summary allows the parents to feel better informed of what occurred during their child’s eye examination and ensures that the parents have a hard copy detailing any follow upvisits and therapy recommended by the eye doctor. The summary can be placed inside of the book and kept for future visits to monitor the child’s progress.