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About the Authors

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Solomon M. Gould, O.D.

As far back as he can remember, Dr. Solomon Gould, O.D. has always dreamt of making a positive change in the world, particularly in the area of pediatric health care. Solomon grew up in a household of six children, with two brothers and three sisters. Trips to see doctors were infrequent. When they did occur, it was a melting pot of anxiety, confusion, and bewilderment.

Amidst Solomon’s optometric clinical training were several pediatric rotations. He was immediately brought back to his days as a child and the experience of going to see doctors. Solomon also noticed a consistent lack of understanding on the part of the parents or guardians of what to expect from a pediatric eye exam, what is screened for, and why it is important. Solomon sees this issue on a daily basis in his optometric career.

Between the bewilderment and anxiety that children experience and the parents’ or guardians’ lack of understanding of what to expect and what is screened for, Solomon was inspired to create a way for both the parents or guardians and their children to feel better prepared when going in for a pediatric eye examination. In the parent section “No Pills, No Shots…What Should I Expect?” Solomon applies his knowledge and expertise in pediatric eye care along with his passion for teaching to provide parents with a solid foundation of what to expect when bringing their child in for their pediatric eye examination, as well as to provide them with a knowledge base that will allow parents to engage their child’s eye doctor in fruitful conversation.

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Mary H. Hawley

In the coloring book “No Pills, No Shots…Your Trip to the Eye Doctor,” Mary Hawley, an accomplished portrait and landscape artist, combines practiced draftsmanship with an abiding affection for children. Mary lives and works in Ripton, Vermont. More of her work can be viewed at her website and on her Facebook page.

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